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The Atek transmitter


  • Transmitter

    • Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, Ethernet, cellular or Lora

  • Power supply:

    • Rechargeable Battery

    • Autonomous up to 2 years on battery

    • 5 volts external power supply

  • Modular System:

    • Numerical temperature -40 @ 60oC

    • RTD Température -200 @ 50oC

    • Temperature Humidity 0.2%RH

    • Carbon Dioxyde CO2 (10%)

    • Dry Contact

    • Differential Pressure -2 to 2 kPa

    • Analogic 0-10 Volts

    • Analogic 4-20 mA


Le transmetteur modulaire est le composant qui combine la gestion des capteurs,  l’alimentation électrique et la transmission des lectures.

When the transmitter is connected to an external power supply, it works in "full power" mode and becomes a signal repeater, enlarging the wireless Zigbee network. Data is transmitted every 30 seconds. When the external power supply is disconnected, the transmitter automatically goes into "emitter and energy saver" mode. It will ne contribute to enlarging and sustaining the wireless network. In emitter mode, the unit will transmit data every 5 minutes. Without communication to a receiver, data is automatically stored in the on-board memory every 15 minutes for 24 hours.

Since the transmitter is modular, it is flexible and may connect with various types of sensors. When ordering, tell us what type of sensors you want to connect.

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