Sample Traceability

for Centralized Laboratories 

Develop in Quebec  for Quebec specific needs

235,000 COVID-19

Swab Samples tracked by ATEK

*Last updated: July 7th 2020

Minize Sample Lost

through tracing people that handled the sample

by a Geolocation System

by preventing nonconformities

Ensure Sample Quality

 Alert system for exceeding dealines
before sample processing

Temperature Monitor System

Optimize Overall Efficiency

Decrease the number and severity of non-conformities

by integrating systems automating processes on the same platform

70% Laboratory Errors 
are at the level of the pre-analytical phase.

This phase includes the steps of collecting, transporting and stabilizing the samples.


In 2020, the Montreal-CHUM cluster deployed the traceability module of the ATEK platform across the entire cluster.

Traceability Module allows to trace :

  • 2 000 000 samples annually 

  • 11 laboratories inside its cluster

  • 400 external sites externes (private laboratories, sampling centers, CLSC, etc.)

  • 1000 daily users

  • 2000 coolers

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70%  medical decisions

are based on laboratory diagnostic tests.

Automate your Regulatory Compliance



Bureau de normalisation du Québec

ATEK platform automates the records required for BNQ audits.

ISO 15189

For the following sections of the standard

4.9 Identification and control of nonconformities
4.13 Control of records
5.2 Accommodation and environmental conditions
5.4 Pre-examination processes

300 000  patients may be affected by a problem with their sample due to transport in Quebec.

Step 1 :  Prepare a shipment

1. Following a dispatch request, the technician opens the "Prepare a shipment" interface in which he selects, from a drop-down menu, the reception site and the transport company.

2. Then he scans the cooler and the samples it will contain.

3. Finally, a validation interface makes it possible to review the shipment before confirmation.

4. The technician will then seal the cooler and place it on the shipping shelf

5. On the dashboard, the technician visualizes his team shipments and the ones in transition to his site.

Step 2 :
Pick up by carrier 

1. When the carrier picks up the parcels, he can scan them himself. If the parcels are fitted with RFID tags or temperature transmitters (see the options in the appendix), everything will be done automatically.

2. An alert will be issued in the event that the time (configurable according to the routes) between preparation and collection by the carrier will be exceeded.

Step 3 : Shipment Reception

1. When the transporter arrives with the parcels, he can scan them himself when he drops them off. If the parcels are fitted with RFID tags or temperature transmitters (see options in the appendix), everything will be done automatically. 

2. An alert will be issued if the time (configurable according to the routes) between collection and reception is exceeded.

Step 4 :
Shipment Processing 

1. The technician must scan the package and if required, he can validate the samples in the shipping parameters of the platform.

2. If a nonconformity is identified, the technician can insert the information in the form.

3. This last step ends the mission and the traceability history will be kept for a predetermined period according to the established parameters.





ATEK Traceability module ensures uniformity of processes and systematic and automatic monitoring of clinical samples during transport.

Fast Deployment

User Friendly


Data centralization 



Cloud Platform

No software to install
Registration with your p code or email  

Potential Duplicated Management

Based on the origin of the sample, its current location and its life cycle.

Alert System for Exceeding Deadlines

Be warned as a precaution that a sample could be late and rejected if it is not stabilized in time by the management of transport delays.

Prioritization of packages to be taken care of

During the reception process, the user is notified of priority shipment

Automated Temperature Monitoring

The recorder placed inside the container automatically transmits the temperature history during transport.

Geolocation of Shipments

Shipments with a transmitter allow you to:

- Automate the shipping and receiving process

- Automatically identify the carrier

- Manage cooler inventory by location

- Track shipment progress





Self Management of User Profiles


Shipment Expedition


Shipment Reception


Shipment Processing


Carrier Management


Nonconformities Management


Automated Traceability

A modern solution adapted to current needs