Interlock System

Access control for biomedical refrigerator doors

The interlocking control system ensures that only one of the refrigerator doors will open at once.


Stops drafts

Grants access only to authorized personnel


Pharmacy, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Operating rooms, Blood bank Laboratories


1, 2 et 4 doors
Helmer iPR225, iPR456, IB225,
ib456, HPR225, HPR456 HB225, HB456




Initial situation

Next to the keypad, the door is locked using the electric lock.

On the opposite side, the door is unlocked.

Door opening

When one door is open, all doors on the opposite side are locked until all doors are closed.

Options d'ouverture


Code par utilisateur


30mm Stainless 


poussoir large


infrarouge sans contact 


The keypad or access button is located on the refrigerator cover at a height of 6 ft.

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Hôpital Cité de la Santé

The Pathology department inside Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital, located in Laval, wanted to find a practical way to prevent access to their refrigerator, of which one side is located on a public corridor.

The control system allows the user to gain access with a code or a RFID key from the public corridor, or to open the door freely from the laboratory.

The interlocking system ensures that only one door will open at once. This prevents drafts caused by the differential pressure between the laboratory and the corridor, stopping dirt from entering the refrigerator.


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